Energising the AD industry

August 8, 2011

Earlier last month, the Local Generation team returned from the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association’s (ADBA) second Annual summer Conference and Gala Dinner informed and inspired…

Delegates from ADBA’s member organisations were there to engage in debates, masterclasses and workshops for farmers, food producers and others with an interest in anaerobic digestion. With topics like ‘Loving Your Bugs’ and “Electricity from Biogas’, the seminars and gala dinner were well attended and buzzing with positive energy to grow the Biogas industry in this country from the 54 AD plants currently operating.

Highlights of the conference gala dinner included ADBA’s announcement of a collaboration with youth and sustainability charity Raleigh International.  This exciting project is teaming anaerobic digestion professionals with Raleigh’s young project teams, setting up domestic-scale AD plants in remote rural locations in countries including India and China. These projects enable households to convert their domestic waste into energy that can be used for cooking and heating, and by-products like non-synthetic fertiliser for growing better crops.

“One of the hot topics at the conference was digestate and how to make the most of it,” says Sales and Marketing director Dawn Terry: “With a network of local growers in the community, through our sister company Fenmarc, we’ve got a ready-made outlet for this valuable soil improver.”

Another idea with big potential is to channel bio-methane from AD direct into the national gas grid to safeguard against the future decline of UK gas supply, though at the moment, says Dawn, “technology costs need to come down to make this viable.”

As work continues at Local Generation’s AD plant in March, Cambs, sharing new ideas and networking with other AD professionals in this ever-evolving field will generate more opportunities to develop our business and this industry further – so here’s to ADBA 2012!