It all boils down to energy…

February 7, 2012

Planning, building and testing – it’s a very busy time for the teams here at Local Generation as our first anaerobic digestion (AD) plant takes shape in March, deep in the Cambridgeshire countryside.  Yet the process the plant is designed to host is simple, and the end product is a natural wonder.

After waste food has been partially broken down by one micro-organism population and pasteurised, it’s then ‘digested’ by more micro-organisms.  The result is biogas, high in methane and similar to natural gas.  Stored in the big biogas dome at the plant, the gas has many potential uses:

  • as cooking fuel
  • in combined heat and power (CHP) gas engines
  • upgraded to biomethane of natural gas quality
  • to replace fossil fuels

Because we’re situated close to the National Grid, we’ve decided to generate electricity using two CHP engines (the photo above shows them being installed).

AD facilities mean bonuses for the economy and our ecology, because they cost less to build and run than big power plants, and are cleaner.  As the demand for climate-friendly energy continues to grow, we’re proud to think that our plant is providing an efficient energy alternative!