Up, up and away for Local Generation’s AD plant

February 21, 2012

Photo: Alex Monks

It’s an important milestone for any young anaerobic digestion (AD) plant; commissioning involves a series of thorough tests to ensure that the plant – and the team that runs it – are both working to the highest standards of efficiency and safety.

During commissioning we’ve already processed over 900 tonnes of waste – from households, food manufacturers and retailers and we’re now producing biogas. Just as a car needs the right quality of petrol to ensure that it performs to its highest standard, our combined heat and power engines need top-quality food waste biogas to perform at their full potential. What happens next? We’re going to:

  • monitor the quality of the biogas produced by the AD process
  • test the engines and the connection to the Grid
  • beam green energy directly to sister company Fenmarc Produce Ltd
  • send any surplus electricity to the National Grid

We’ll keep you updated as we prepare to switch on this great new source of sustainable energy!

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