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We know that you need a waste handling service that is competitive, ethical and enhances your brand.
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Waste. Not.

If you're responsible for food waste in your organisation, you’ll be committed to clearing it efficiently, economically and ethically.

Local Generation's AD plants can handle waste output from Local Authorities, Food Producers, Retailers and Caterers, and Waste Contractors.

Our service covers waste from meat, dairy, vegetables, baked goods and processed foods, both solid and liquid. And whatever the product, we can deal effectively deal with most forms of packaging.

Within Local Generation, we offer a track record of over four decades in a variety of blue chip organisations, which means we set high standards in the areas of environmental management and health and safety.

We know you need a waste handling service that protects your reputation. So click on the links opposite to see how Local Generation can meet your specific needs – and make your business more sustainable.

You can also contact us to talk about your business and how we can help.

food wastee equals energy equation

Anaerobic digestion is extremely attractive. Why would we go on throwing food waste into holes in the ground when we could generate our own electricity and end up with a product that can be returned to the soil? I am sure this is the way forward.

Joan Ruddock, Minister for Waste, August 2008